there are no words. 😶 #WATR #sinceyesterdaymademewanttogougemyeyesout #tbt #therewerealsoclothespinsonmyfingersandtoes

there are no words. 😶 #WATR #sinceyesterdaymademewanttogougemyeyesout #tbt #therewerealsoclothespinsonmyfingersandtoes

i’m just so tired.  no matter what, i’m pushed to the side.  forced to the back.  second option.  last priority.  and i’m tired.  it’s exhausting.  i honestly just don’t see the point in breathing right now.  

Don’t ask them for their reasons. Just ask them for their feelings.
Virginia Woolf, from Night And Day (via violentwavesofemotion)

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can i have a relationship where some nights it’s rough sex and then other nights we stay up and just talk and others we just cuddle and mess around with each other or play games together pls and ty

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People who use a lot of swear words tend to be more honest and trust worthy.

i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there is a 900% chance i’ll cry

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my wallet needs to be as thick as my thighs

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the worst thing is when someone insults you and they’re right 

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how do i lose weight quickly and easily and also how do i gain the ability to fly and breathe fire and how do i cheat death 

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Whenever I speak with you, I end up dying more, a little more
Frida Kahlo (to Diego Rivera)

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sometimes im like yeah but most of the time im like no

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we live in the era of smart phones and stupid people

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You and I
haven’t been us
for a while.
m.v., Bruised Confession #5 (via vaguepassion)

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